About us

About Tubie Whoobies! (pronounced Who-Bees)

My name is Ken Ackerman and my wife is Ramona Ackerman. We are the owners of Tubie Whoobies, and this is our story:

Tubie Whoobies was created by Dave and Tiffany Brors in 2011 as a small business that was focused on making the lives of children with feeding tubes just a little bit better.  Their daughter, Genevieve, had a feeding tube due to complications I can't even begin to explain or fathom.  Genevieve's amazing story can be found at No Guts All Glory.  Tiffany started making fleece pads for Genevieve's feeding tube, and the idea flourished from there.

Tubie Whoobies soon became very popular, and the demand for "Whoobies" was too much for Dave and Tiffany alone.  That is where I came in.  I met Dave at a community college where we were both studying to become Engineers.  I started working for Tubie Whoobies in the Fall of 2012, and have been a part of virtually every Whoobie sold since then.  I still remember the first time I met Genevieve and her twin, Gwendolyn...I couldn't tell them apart (and I still have a hard time to this day).  If Genevieve hadn't showed me her Tubie, I would have never known that she had it.  She ran around with as much, if not more energy than Gwendolyn; she acted like any other 2 and a half year old.  Genevieve has got to be the toughest kid I've ever met.

In the Summer of 2014, the Brors decided that the best place for their family of 7 (did I mention they have 5 kids?) was in Colorado.  The Brors knew that continuing to run Tubie Whoobies would be a tough task during a cross country move, and knew that ultimately the kids (and adults) that use Whoobies everyday would suffer.  The Brors' dedication to helping children like their daughter meant they had to make a tough decision.  We sat down and decided that I would take over Tubie Whoobies.

So, on July 1st, 2014 I became the official owner of Tubie Whoobies and on August 1st, 2014 I reopened Tubie Whoobies with a bigger website, a bigger selection, and faster shipping times.  I'm able to offer more with Tubie Whoobies because of my wife, Ramona, who is running Tubie Whoobies full-time while I contribute part-time - as opposed to Dave and Tiffany running Tubie Whoobies with 5 children and 2 full-time jobs.


About Ken and Ramona Ackerman

My name is Ken Ackerman and I'm married to my beautiful wife, Ramona, and we have an awesome 9 year old named Chris.  I'm a full-time Computer Engineer, and I'm ecstatic to be able to continue providing Whoobies to as many Tubies as I can.  The Brors - especially Genevieve - have inspired me to keep this business growing and strong for many years to come.