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About Tubie Whoobies! (pronounced Who-Bees)

We are the proud owners of Tubie Whoobies, but this is truly Gens story:

Tubie Whoobies was created by my friend Tiffany and David Brors in 2011 as a small business that was focused on making the lives of children with feeding tubes just a little bit better.   Tiffany started making fleece pads for her daughter Genevieve's feeding tube, and the idea flourished from there.  Genevieve is a twin, born early with gastroschisis. She spent three months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and needed several surgeries and countless procedures to keep her alive. Unexpectedly, she got a massive infection in her gut, which destroyed her remaining intestine. It poisoned her blood and she almost didn't survive. Her birth defect led to problems for many organs inside of her body, and shes needed several treatments during her life to be able to thrive on her own. Gen's amazing story can be found at No Guts All Glory

The Brors' dedication to helping children like their daughter meant Tubie Whoobies was meant to be.  So to continue this amazing journey despite ownership changes, this is and always will be about Gen.


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