Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tubie Whoobie and what purpose does it serve? 

A Tubie Whoobie is a pad that fits around a feeding tube, G-tube, or J-tube.  Tubie Whoobies (sometimes also called tubie pads, tubie covers, or tubie circles) can serve various purposes:

✔️ They look COOL! 😎
✔️ They ABSORB any leakage and/or drainage to help protect clothes and surrounding skin
✔️ They have been reported to help REDUCE granulation tissue, and even ELIMINATE it in some cases!

(Unfortunately, as it happens on a case by case basis, there is NO GUARANTEE they will help reduce or eliminate granulation tissue)  
For previous customer experiences, see our reviews here 😊.

Where did the name “Whoobie” come from?

One of the creators of Tubie Whoobies, Dave Brors, served in the Navy for quite a few years.  Apparently, while on ship, when there wasn't a name for something (or you couldn't remember what it was called) they would call it a Who-Bee instead of a “whatcha-ma-call-it”, a “doohickey”, etc. 
...of course, "Tubie Whoobie" sounded much better than "Tubie Doohickey", and so the Tubie Whoobie was born. 😄

What are the different hole sizes for? 

The normal diameter of the holes in a Tubie Whoobie is 10 mm.  Some people have had issues with this size falling off if they use the mini/micro buttons.  To remedy this, we now offer Whoobies with a smaller hole, 7.5 mm in diameter.  If you’re unsure of what size to get, I ALWAYS recommend the normal hole.

How long until my order ships? 

Please allow and plan for orders to ship in 10-15 business days (Monday-Friday) after the order is placed.  We do our absolute best to reduce this wait time – unfortunately, we do not have the resources to maintain all  items in stock at all times.  We do pay very close attention to our turnaround times, and will definitely take care of any slow points as soon as they are identified and as we are able to.
Our goal is to make your experience the best one possible!

How can I find out the status of my order? 

You can email us at with any questions on the status of your order. Please remember that we try to ship your order within 10-15 business days.  
If we have already made the Whoobies you’ve ordered, but have not shipped them yet, we can provide a better estimate (although this last part of the process usually takes less than a business day to be completed).

Why does it take so long for orders to ship? 

Each Whoobie is made by myself, with the occasional help from other family members.  I run the machines that stitch them, cut them out with scissors, snap, bag, and ship them. This requires a significant amount of time, as I also try to do our best to make each Whoobie the best Whoobie possible.

I live outside the US…what should I know before ordering? 

First of all: CUSTOMS FEES.
Please keep in mind that we have absolutely no control over these, so when you order it will be your responsibility to pay these fees if any are required by the country of destination. Please do some research beforehand and figure out if and what you'll have to pay before ordering.  

International First Class shipping can take a while, sometimes 2-3 weeks (or MORE).  Please save the tracking number when you get the confirmation email with your tracking information.  This tracking number is often used in your home country to track the package as well, although they are not updated nearly as often as they are in the US. 
If you do not get an email within 1-3 business days, please check your spam folder. If it isn't there, then please email us at and we'll get you the tracking number.

We regularly ship to Australia, the UK, and Canada.  If you are not in these countries, you are welcome to order – however, it is important that you understand the following: different countries have different policies on things that can be shipped to them, and we are not responsible for knowing these rules. If the package is returned to us, we can only refund the price of the items, and the shipping charges will not be refunded.  It is also important to note that items returned from other countries have been known to take 1-2 MONTHS to be returned – only when the items are returned and confirmed as returned, we can then process a refund and that refund will not include the shipping costs.

I received a defective Whoobie…how can I get a new one? 

First of all, I'm very sorry you got a defective Whoobie!  We do our best to ensure every Whoobie is of the same great quality, but we are human and we can sometimes miss things.  We don’t believe you should have to suffer for that, however, so we will be happy to make it right or give you a full refund.  Just simply send us an email at and let us know about the problem. 

What is your returns policy? 

Due to the nature of our products, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.  We cannot sell a product that has been returned to us because we cannot guarantee that is has not been opened. And this doesn't mean that we don't believe just means that we hold your well-being and that of all our customers above all else. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

What should I do before I use my first Tubie Whoobie? 

We suggest washing the Whoobie in your normal detergent to help with skin sensitiveness before use.  Also, practice snapping and unsnapping them a few times before putting them on the tube…the new snaps can be a bit difficult to get undone the first few times you do it, so you should practice first to avoid stretching the material.

How do I wash/dry my Whoobies? 

Whoobies are machine washable.  It's recommended that they be washed in a garment bag (apparently the sock fairy also likes Whoobies).  They can be washed alone or with other clothes – however, please avoid any garments with Velcro as they can damage your Whoobies.
It is recommended that they be air dried on a flat surface. Even though your Whoobies can be dried in a machine, doing so may cause them to curl up.
If after time your Whoobies begin to have a weird smell, you can boil them in soapy water, rinse, and air dry as normal.

What are Tubie Whoobies made of? 

Tubie Whoobies are made from 100% organic cotton fleece, and 100% polyester thread.  The back of the Whoobie (which touches the skin) is always just 100% Organic cotton fleece and 100% polyester thread.  The front of the Whoobie may or may not contain cotton, flannel, and other fabrics.  If the Whoobie user has an allergy to a specific fabric, we can do our best to accommodate by making a custom order.  More information on custom ordering can be found further down on this page.

Are there any side effects or have there been any problems with using a Tubie Whoobie? 

The only reported side effects have been some cases of allergic reactions to the materials and discomfort due to the Whoobie being too thick.  These issues are rarely reported – however, please be aware that they may occur.  Tubie Whoobies assumes no risk for your use or misuse of Tubie Whoobies.  Please use Tubie Whoobies at your own risk.  If you are worried about a possible allergic reaction to the materials, please see the question above this one for information on the materials used to make Tubie Whoobies.

These snaps are difficult to get undone!  Why can't you use some other closure method (i.e. Velcro)? 

We suggest practicing snapping and unsnapping before your first use so that you don't stretch the material trying to get one off. 

There are 2 reasons we do not use Velcro:

  1. Sewing Velcro onto each Whoobie would take too long (something we try to avoid to keep our shipping times as short as possible)
  2. We believe Velcro to be a less sanitary method (just check out the Velcro on some used cargo shorts for evidence of this 😞).

If you still insist on Velcro, we can process a custom order in which we will not put on snaps and you can add your own Velcro.  We are not responsible for any problems caused by adding the Velcro.  More information on custom ordering can be found further down this page.

I have an important occasion that I need these for…  Can I put in a rush order? 

We would love to be able to meet the demand of everyone's special occasion, but unfortunately that isn't possible with our current resources.  If there is an important deadline, please contact us before placing the order with the items you want to order and the date you need them by.  Having this information will allow us to make an informed decision on whether we can meet your deadline or not and save you any worries.  Please only reserve this service for actual urgent occasions so that we can offer this service to those in need of it.  After all, if everyone's order is a rush order, then we are all in the same situation as without rush orders.

Do you do custom orders, and if so, how do I place one? 

Currently, the only customizations we offer are different color schemes, different fabrics due to allergies, and Whoobies without snaps for people that want to put on Velcro themselves.  For example, we offer a White and an Orange tiger, but if you want a Purple Tiger, we can accommodate these types of orders.  
To place a custom order, simply send us an email at and give us a list of the items you would like.  We will let you know what custom items we can handle and which ones we cannot.  The wait time for custom orders will be longer, so we ask that you please allow 1-2 weeks for custom orders to ship.  If you mix customized with regular Whoobies, they will all have the same longer shipping time since we try to avoid shipping partial orders if at all possible. If you want your non-customized order to arrive faster than the custom order, please place a separate order through this website.

What if I have an idea for a new Whoobie design that I would like to buy? 

We are always open to new ideas and we actually keep a list of possible Whoobies to hopefully add as new designs at some point.  Unfortunately, this is not an applicable custom order since we cannot guarantee that we will ever make your exact idea into a Whoobie, and even if we do it, it may be weeks or months until we offer it for sale.
You can email us at to let us know of your idea.

I have a question that isn't on this page… What do I do? 

Just send us an email to  I will answer you as soon as I’m able to, and if the question is common, I will put it on this page as well.