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Tubie Whoobies

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These Whoobies are made from Polyester, Spandex, and Rayon fabrics with water proof foam to provide some protection for the feeding tube site, as well as look awesome while swimming or during other wet activities.

They are quick drying and absorb very little water unlike normal pads that get heavy with water and could cause discomfort.

Thickness Choices:

  • 2mm

Hole Sizes (read FAQ for more information)
  • Small (7.5mm diameter hole)
  • Normal (10mm diameter hole)
Important Information: Tubie Whoobies assumes no risk for your use of our products. Use Tubie Whoobies at your own risk. So far all reported and known issues are minor allergic reactions to the materials used and mild discomfort from the size of the Tubie Whoobie. (FAQ)