Custom Order- Shapes- (25)

Tubie Whoobies

$ 93.75 

Would you like to be able to order custom-made Whoobies? Tubie Whoobies is offering you the chance to order custom Whoobies (minimum order of 25 Whoobies). Images given to Tubie Whoobies must be the property of person(s) making the order. Custom orders receive a 10% discount. Flat rate shipping of $10. Email for more details!


These G/J-Tube Pads are a must have for anyone with a feeding tube! They absorb leakage, have been reported to reduce and sometimes eliminate granulation tissue, and they look awesome!

Backing Choice:

  • 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Grown in the USA.

Hole Sizes (read FAQ for more information)
  • Small (7.5mm diameter hole)
  • Normal (10mm diameter hole)
Important Information: Tubie Whoobies assumes no risk for your use of our products. Use Tubie Whoobies at your own risk. So far all reported and known issues are minor allergic reactions to the materials used and mild discomfort from the size of the Tubie Whoobie. (FAQ)