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Tubie Whoobies

$ 5.00 

Hello! I’m Rachel and I’ve been a tubie for almost 5 years, I have a gtube and a jtube due to my gastroparesis and generalized dysmotility throughout my entire GI tract. I run Positively Rachel’s Art & Newbie Tubie Care Packages which sends care packages to first time (surgical) Tubies! Tubie Whoobies is one of my top donors, so you should definitely do some shopping! I helped design a tubie pad shaped like a low profile button tube for the project and now you can buy it too! The profit from - after paying Tamara back for all of her generosity - will go straight towards Newbie Tubies, allowing us to ship more packages out! Shop away! IG: newbietubies FB: Newbie Tubie Care Packages Website: positivelyrachel.com

    Important Information: Tubie Whoobies assumes no risk for your use of our products. Use Tubie Whoobies at your own risk. So far all reported and known issues are minor allergic reactions to the materials used and mild discomfort from the size of the Tubie Whoobie. (FAQ)